Design, Construction & Project Management

Design flair, technical know-how and outstanding project management are all vital for creating the perfect pool or spa. By remaining at the forefront of technical and design developments, JSA offers pools that combine visual impact with high performance.

During the design phase, our specialists will work alongside architects and designers to understand your requirements and to meet your specifications, however challenging. Providing our clients with a wide range of options and examples of our work enables them to make an informed choice.

Moving Floors

Moving floors are an increasing design trend which we recommend commercial customers to consider. Space is a valuable commodity and achieving the maximum versatility from a single or limited space is an increasing priority. To meet this need, we incorporate moving floors increasingly into our swimming pool designs.

An adjustable, moving floor allows the pool area to be used for additional purposes- whether it is indoors or outdoors. The pool depth can be decreased to accommodate children or learners or the floor can be lifted to cover the pool, converting the space into a dance floor or entertainment area.

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Construction and Project Management

Effective management and good client communication are essential to ensure the smooth running of the construction process.

JSA works both as an integrated, turnkey contactor – taking full project responsibility – and as a sub-contractor, depending on client need. We offer complete turnkey concrete swimming pool/spa construction of all types including shotcrete, PSS – Permanent Shuttering System. Alternatively we act as a specialist provider of water flow, filtration, water treatment, lighting, air handling and internal finishes to water retaining concrete structures. We also install ancillary services such as saunas and steam rooms for custom-built leisure areas. In all our projects, we liaise closely with our clients and architects from the onset, providing detailed reports and ensuring clients are up to date during each stage of construction. This ensures a planned and predictable approach that remains within the approved budget. Materials

Today, being aware of new products and materials, energy saving solutions or processes is vital not just from an environmental but from an economic perspective.

Our technical knowledge allows us to incorporate the latest environmental friendly materials, energy saving solutions and technical” know how” including building pools with moving floors. These skills enable us to recommend the right solution for the situation, at the right price, for instance using underground swimming pools where space is at a premium.

Repair & Refurbishment

Refurbishment is an attractive alternative to new build, enhancing the quality and significantly extending the life of your pool.

With time, pools and spas may need cosmetic refurbishment – or, more importantly, may be leaking, or consuming too much energy.

Our specialists can transform it into an updated, modern and energy efficient unit, repairing concrete, external and internal finishes and upgrading or replacing systems and features such as heating and lighting, water filtration and circulation.

We offer complete refurbishment packages for large facilities such as schools, hotels, colleges, health clubs, hospitals and hotels.