Corporate Clients

For our major clients, energy efficiency and environmental concerns are paramount and JSA will work with you to ensure you optimise scarce resources.

Preventive Planned Maintenance

Optimum operating efficiency and the avoidance of down time are priorities for corporate clients. To avoid disruption or lost revenue – and to meet your health & safety and customer satisfaction standards, we offer a regular service contract for your swimming pool, spa, steam room or sauna, allowing you to specify when you would like regular visits from a technician.

The contract is tailored to your organisation’s needs and covers all travel and labour for periodic visits. Any additional call-out, labour or material charges which are not covered are supplied at a discounted rate of 10% off the list price Contracts can include same day response or 24-hour response, depending on your needs. All contract customers receive a 24-hour response service & a technical help line phone number and emails.

Please contact us for more information, or if you have specific concerns, consider a one-off service & health & safety check.